Resident Artist

Resident Artist

To represent an amazing show, you need an amazing poster artist. Meet our resident artist! E. Woodbury Rand is a Michigan born illustrator who currently resides in Chicago. Rand works for the Scuola Internazionale di Comics and is also a freelance artist. She was the head illustrator for Gala’s birthday show, and will be bringing her amazing skill set to this show as well. For now, all we can say is she is illustrating the poster, but there are many projects yet to be revealed…

Please check her out here:


Luna Legare

Luna Legare

Miss Luna is a Tickled Fancy alum, instructor, and producer in Ypsilanti as well as Ann Arbor. Luna is beauty, grace, and talent- a true twinkle in the sky! Her performance is classic, sensual, and can even make Annie Thing blush! Can you guess which card to you think Luna picked to portray?
Watch Luna perform:

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photo by Cheryl Sugar at

Can you keep a secret?

If you are following this blog, it means you have an advantage in knowing things first. Readers, you know half the lineup already! Just for you, because we love you, here is the abstract for the show:

“Queens of Cups: Pick a Card” is a burlesque variety show and multimedia experience. Our performers will share with you the myth and magic of Tarot, using various art forms to weave a multifaceted spectacle of fortune, titillation, and curiosity! This production is a collaborative effort led by Gala Delicious of The Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co., and featuring the illustrious talents of 2010 ************************* of Windsor, Ontario, Chicago burlesque powerhouses Lilly Rascal, Dahlia Fatale, Red Rum, and Cruel Valentine, as well as Michigan phenomenons ********, ****************, *******************, *****************, Luna Legare, and many more!

Keep an eye open for fundraisers.

Red Rum

Red Rum

Let’s talk about this powerhouse!!
Red Rum is a multidisciplinary artist whose formal background is in painting and video art. Burlesque brought together the perfect combination of her love for makeup, prop building and horror film with the catharsis of a live audience. Drawing from a variety of influences she brings to the stage a unique combination of burlesque and performance art, choosing narratives that combine elements of sex, death and humor – the great social levelers. Known for her unusual costumes and skilled improvisation she strives to give audiences something they have never seen before and may never see again.

Red Rum is a core member of Hot and Heavy Burlesque in Chicago, IL and a frequent guest performer of the Dead Man’s Carnival in Milwaukee, WI. She also performs around Chicago with SS-Triple-X, Vaudezilla, Angela Eve and Eve’s Parlor Burlesque, Cirque De La Femme, the 1901 Gallery Theater, Ties and Tassels and the Festival of Flesh. When not performing she works full time at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and collaborates with her husband, sideshow artist, Sanjula Vamana. Together with their son Dexter they continue to build their house of oddities.
Can you guess which card Red Rum picked to portray?
Watch Red Rum perform:
Check her out here:

photo © 2014 C. Jason Brown/Insight Image

Lilly Rascal

Lilly Rascal

Lilly Rascal is a burlesque performer, teacher of burlesque with Vaudezilla studios, model and actress in Chicago! She is a dynamic performer with cues like none other! Lily has performed all over the country and is breaking heats along the way. Can you guess which card she picked to portray?
Watch Lilly Rascal perform:

Find her here:
photo by: Manuel Ortiz

What is this?

Pick a Card aims to be an artistic exploration of the Tarot card deck. Burlesque holds a certain weight of cultural mysticism and has the power to communicate through dance, music, and message. I believe in the magic of women and I believe in the exploration of archetype. I hope this show will explore the magic of creativity and bring a community together. In this month of May we have so much coming for you! A preview of performers and an introduction to our dream venue should be expected in due time. We are going to make magic together, I can see it in the cards.


Gala Delicious