Cruel Valentine

Cruel Valentine

In order for this project to be successful I had to bring along my most talented friends! Meet CRUEL VALENTINE! Valentine is Chicago’s own Community Chest and her performance really packs a punch. Valentine hails from Michigan and currently resides in Chicago. She is amazing and face-melting. Valentine combines elements from so many types of dance and is a masterful goddess of the stage. Please check her out here: and seriously, watch this video:

Any guesses about what card she will represent?

Theater, be our Home

Theater, be our Home

A dream of historic life. The venue we would love to play this show at is the historic Michigan Theater. This theater has given so much to the community, and is a landmark of the downtown area. Gala Delicious came out of The Tickled Fancy Burlesque co., which has contributed to the community for over 7 years. She believes that the combined forces of this venue and this performance, and incredibly important, and is working hard to make this a reality.

From the Michigan Theater’s Website(
A Brief History of the Michigan Theater
During the “roaring twenties”, an era of high style and progressive thinking, Detroit Architect Maurice Finkel designed a grand silent film exhibition theater appropriate for a town with a world-class university. The Michigan Theater opened on January 5, 1928 with a fully functioning stage, orchestra pit, an elaborate organ, as well as the capability to project film

Over the next fifty years, the Butterfield Theater Corporation operated the Michigan Theater as a venue for films and the occasional live event. In an effort to lure audiences from their television sets, the company chose to “modernize” the facility in 1956, destroying the original architectural design and its movie palace grandeur. In the late 1970’s, the proliferation of multiplex theaters led to the demise of most movie palaces and in 1978, Butterfield abandoned the Michigan. Faced with the demolition of their beloved theater, a group of dedicated theater organists fought to save the Michigan and succeeded with the help of the local community.

After 25 years of fundraising and a three-phase Capital Campaign, the Michigan Theater has been restored to its original palatial glory and stands today as a non-profit venue for artistic film and the performing arts. The Michigan Theater is the home to the Ann Arbor
Symphony Orchestra, the Not Just For Kids live children’s theatre series, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival. The Michigan also hosts both popular and classical music concerts presented by the University Musical Society, Live Nation Worldwide, various departments with the University of Michigan and many local area non-profit community groups. The Michigan remains dedicated to film exhibition, providing a 365-day a year program of specialty films in our recently added Screening Room. Films projected in the main house are often preceded by an organ concert, performed on a rare 1928 Barton Organ.

In 2006, the Michigan Theater was named Outstanding Historic Theater in North America by the League of Historic American Theatres. The LHAT award is designed to recognize a theatre project that demonstrates the highest standards of excellence in its vision, execution and service. It is presented annually to an operating historic theatre for distinguished artistic accomplishment and meritorious community impact created by its programs and services. The independent LHAT jury selected the Michigan Theater for distinguished accomplishment and impact through its programs and services and for the quality of its physical restoration, calling it a compelling example of blending history with contemporary programming, an exemplary restored theatre, encouraging education in the arts and independent film.

After 80 years of remodeling, renovation, restoration, and near-demolition the Michigan stands and remains, in the words of architect Maurice Finkel, “a Shrine to Art… and a credit to the community…”

Please check out the Michigan Theater:

also mentioned:

What is this?

Pick a Card aims to be an artistic exploration of the Tarot card deck. Burlesque holds a certain weight of cultural mysticism and has the power to communicate through dance, music, and message. I believe in the magic of women and I believe in the exploration of archetype. I hope this show will explore the magic of creativity and bring a community together. In this month of May we have so much coming for you! A preview of performers and an introduction to our dream venue should be expected in due time. We are going to make magic together, I can see it in the cards.


Gala Delicious

The gods have m…

The gods have meant that I should dance. For in some mystic hour I shall move to the unheard rhythms of the cosmic orchestra of heaven, and you will know the language of my wordless poems, and will come to me… for that is why I dance.

-Ruth St. Denis

There is magic in movement and memory in blood. Take my hand and see where we can go…