Lushes LaMoan

Today’s featured performer is Lushes Lamoan! She is a signatiure of Detroit and a titian of performance. You’re life will be changed after you see her.

Billed as being from “The Paris of The West”, Lushes LaMoan is Detroit’s premier burlesque performer. Her style is considered classic bump and grind and often referred to as nostalgic by performers from “the golden age” of burlesque. She is trained in classic theatre and comedic arts. She incorporates her knowledge and background as a comedian into her stage persona. Lushes started her performance career doing theatre performances and being an original cast member for the Detroit based urban sketch comedy television show, Switch Play TV. 

Now with hundreds of burlesque performances under her garter belt, both locally and nationally, she has taken Detroit by storm. On top of being a solo performer, she shows exceptional leadership qualities while producing her own burlesque troupe made up of 12 performers known as the Detroit Dizzy Dames. The Detroit Dizzy Dames were voted Best Burlesque by Real Detroit Magazine in 2010 & 2011 under her guidance. 

On top of her burlesque career, she also shows her commitment to the arts by being the branch director for Detroit’s chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s, with sessions being held monthly at the historic Scarab Club. Her modeling work can be seen in several books and publications, as well as featured in national art shows.

See Lushes perform:
Photo Copy right Balthazar

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