Can you keep a secret?

If you are following this blog, it means you have an advantage in knowing things first. Readers, you know half the lineup already! Just for you, because we love you, here is the abstract for the show:

“Queens of Cups: Pick a Card” is a burlesque variety show and multimedia experience. Our performers will share with you the myth and magic of Tarot, using various art forms to weave a multifaceted spectacle of fortune, titillation, and curiosity! This production is a collaborative effort led by Gala Delicious of The Tickled Fancy Burlesque Co., and featuring the illustrious talents of 2010 ************************* of Windsor, Ontario, Chicago burlesque powerhouses Lilly Rascal, Dahlia Fatale, Red Rum, and Cruel Valentine, as well as Michigan phenomenons ********, ****************, *******************, *****************, Luna Legare, and many more!

Keep an eye open for fundraisers.

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